Frequently Asked Question

1. How do you get such rock bottom prices?

By forming relationships and trust with several major weight loss companies, we have been able to buy extremely large quantities at extremely low prices per bottle. We are trying to get rid of the large stock of ingredients and feel liquidating them on this website we will be able to sell a large portion of these popular diet pills.

2. How do you choose the best diet pills?

Here at dietpillsdietpills, we use a panel of experts to research and find the best diet pills currently available. We look at factors including potential side effects/safety, ingredients like appetite suppressors, how much of the weight lost will be fat vs water weight, metabolic enhancers, overall value, and how fast users can expect to achieve results. With this combined information, we choose only the best diet pills to be sold on our site.

3. Which product would be most effective for me?

Results vary between users. However, we provide a number of quality options at cheap prices. Whether you are looking for a simple appetite suppressant or a full powered fat burner, we have affordable and reliable options.

4. Are over the counter diet pills reliable?

Unfortunately, not all of them are. And as many users have found out, most over the counter diet pills are glorified caffeine pills that cause little weight loss and a number of negative side effects. But, in part because there are so many choices, there are still quite a few reliable and viable options.

5. How long does shipping take and how much does it cost?

We ship most packages through USPS the business day after the order is placed. Once a package is shipped, it will take 4-7 business days for you to receive your order. All customers are provided with tracking information via an automatic confirmation email. Shipping costs vary depending on weight.

6. I haven't received my confirmation email with the tracking number:

Many mailboxes now use spam blockers or a spam box. To make sure you receive your confirmation email, please check your junk mail settings and your junk mail box. Some settings automatically delete emails if the email address is not recognized, and others simply filter them.

7. Will I be signed up for an monthly order if I order once?

No. You have to order each time you would like a product. We do not provide an utoship program, automatic or manual, at this time.

8. How can I contact you to answers to questions that may not be asked here?

Simply send all other inquiries to

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